60|40 Starting point series: Manifold



60|40 Starting point series: Manifold

5 July – 22 September 2013

Craft collective 60|40 invite multidisciplinary studio Manifold to take over the Studios. Responding to the space with new work, Manifold will challenge themselves to assume new roles – artist, performer, producer, choreographer, curator, host and guest, and the season will be peppered with traces, happenings and events.





Under the Influence

4 July – 11 August 2013

PV Thurs 4 July 6.30pm

“it is necessary to have a master who by his teaching and precepts stirs and awakens the moral virtues whose seed is enclosed and buried in our souls.”

Baldesar Castiglione – Italian Renaissance courtier and author

Under the Influence represents a collection of those masters who have had a key influence, and awoken things within each of the Manifold artists, whether or not they knew it at the time. This collection of artists, makers, musicians, teachers, writers and family members provides solid foundation to Manifold’s takeover of Siobhan Davies Dance this summer, offering a triangulation point between our influences, the place, and the work we make during our stay.



Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Amy Hughes, Sun Ae Kim, Hanne Enemark, Ellie Doney, Martha Todd, Hanne Mannheimer,  Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, Matthew Raw


Siobhan Davies Studios, London SE1

6-22 September 2013

Private View: Thursday 5 September, 6:30 – 8:30pm, including talk with 60|40 at 7pm


Admission free


Siobhan Davies Dance creates situations where artists, partners and audiences can connect, with the hope that unpredictable outcomes can result in fresh insights into what choreography and dance can be in today’s world.

In this fifth and final project of the Starting point series at Siobhan Davies Studios the 60|40 collective mark a departure from previous years by extending their invitation to studio group Manifold, who take a residency approach to the invitation.

“This year will be an adventure in possible outcomes and responses that come from a dynamic group interrogating and celebrating craft practice from a broad perspective.”

Clare Twomey, 60|40


The end of Manifold’s three-month stay culminates in Unfold, an exhibition of new works by each of the nine artists inspired by their experiences in the Studios. By the very nature of taking over a building which has dance and choreography at its heart, Manifold have challenged themselves to assume new roles – artist, performer, producer, choreographer, curator, host and guest.

One of the group’s artists, Martha Todd takes inspiration from the shoes randomly scattered outside the dance studios, a trace of the people and personalities within.  She has chosen to work directly with a selection of dancers, taking casts of their feet in various positions of expression, a personal symbol of their strength and driving force. The pieces will be produced in wax giving them a non-permanent delicacy and translucency as well as a feeling of transience, creating traces of the people who are the heartbeat of Siobhan Davies Dance. She is also giving each dancer an opportunity to reveal a personal moment in letter form (something that has to be opened and peered into, making the viewer feel like they’re invading a personal space).

Zachary Eastwood-Bloom creates sculptures that explore the space between the physical and experiential using digital processes such as 3D mapping. His recent works have included reinterpreting 3D scans of landscapes into orchestral pieces.  In this instance, however, he plays a choreographer role, creating a digital architectural model of Siobhan Davies Studios and translating it digitally into instructions for a dance piece.  He is also working with a filmmaker, editor and composer to capture movement in the non-dance spaces of the building, then setting them to a sound track to create a film: “the choreography of the non-choreographed”.

Amy Hughes considers the idea of choreographed texture by capturing the motion from a contemporary class in foot impressions on a soft clay floor. This tactile, sensory piece is designed to be walked upon barefoot, allowing visitors to ‘experience’ the dance without participating in the class itself.

Each of the nine artists has used the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone, to re-examine their own craft through working with new materials, methods and processes.  Their journey of exploration has been recorded on www.studiomanifold.org/startingpoint, which includes ideas, learnings and works in progress.

Unfold opens on 6 September.  Admission is free.



Manifold is a group of nine artists and designers who founded a studio in an east London railway arch in 2010. United by ongoing enquiry into material and process, our individual activities include sculpture, digital art, process-driven product design, drawing, research, teaching, and progressive approaches to age-old ways of making. Shared knowledge and the power of the group are the pillars of Manifold’s HQ. Guest artists and makers also join the studio from time to time, to take part in collaborative projects.

Siobhan Davies Dance
Founded and led since 1988 by pioneering choreographer Siobhan Davies, Siobhan Davies Dance has evolved over the years from a touring dance company into an artist-led investigative contemporary arts organisation. Exploring choreography and movement is very much at the heart of everything we do. So whilst we now apply choreography across a wide range of creative disciplines including visual arts, film and craft, we continue to hold our dance roots close.

60 I 40 Collective
An independent artists collective, founded by Clare Twomey, David Clarke and Tracey Rowledge; 60 I 40 seek to rewire the applied arts.

‘To respond to the current concerns within the applied arts. To create opportunities for makers to debate their work. To engage in wider dialogues with other disciplines.’

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