Ceramics Illustrated @ Ruthin Craft Centre



Ceramics Illustrated


28 September – 1 December 2013

Hand-made ceramics and contemporary illustration, two very separate disciplines, come together here. With surfaces supporting images that are not simply decorative, objects, familiar from their everyday utility, address ambitious concepts and themes, providing arenas for depiction, expression, commemoration and political commentary.

These secondary, narrative functions for ceramics are well established in the history of the medium, but a new, eclectic freedom in the use of imagery takes them into more challenging areas. Precedent adds to our willingness to read them in this manner, and it may be that messages so delivered are all the more powerful for the way they infiltrate our awareness via the everyday object, on jugs, plates and tiles. Works may function as conversation pieces, initiating discussion beyond the particular themes and images they bear; they are starting points, rich both in material and ideas.

The exhibition includes the work of Lowri Davies, Amy Jayne Hughes, Katy Jennings, Sun Ae Kim, Hanne Mannheimer, Emilie Taylor, Sophie Wiltshire, Daniel Wright, Suet Yi.




SKDrawing002 SKDrawing001 SKDrawing003

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