Pots and Possiblities: Studio Manifold at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archeology


_MG_5047 2

We’d like to invite you all to the opening of an exhibition, next Wednesday 11 June 6-8pm: new work in response to the ancient ceramics collection at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL. Manifold’s responses to the Museum include books, projections, a drawing machine, ancient Egyptian bread baking kits… and pots.

We have been invited to respond to the Petrie’s beautifully rich collection of pots which are often overlooked by visitors. We are all strongly connected to clay, and recognise the importance of the humble pot. Pioneering archaeologist Flinders Petrie’s drawings of the vessels he unearthed and collected were the key 
to understanding different time periods of ancient Egypt by painstakingly noting the smallest of details; his records of pottery styles led to a new method of establishing chronological periods, known as seriation in Egyptology.

Artists: Matthew Raw, Ellie Doney, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Sun Ae Kim, Hanne Mannheimer, Katy Jennings, Amy Hughes.

See work in progress and join the Facebook event here.

The residency is in four parts:

Pots and Possibilities exhibition: Our individual responses to the Museum Collection
Where: Petrie Museum and Beadles box (opposite Jeremy Bentham’s Auto-icon, UCL)
When: 6th June 5th July 2014, during opening hours – info and map
PV Wednesday 11 June 6-8pm

Petrie inspired Pot Making Workshops with locals, culminating in The Great Camden Pot Seriation Installation
Where: North Cloisters, UCL
When: 20 May -14 June 2014

From Broken Sherd to Pot – Drawing workshops
Where: Petrie Museum, Malet Place, UCL
When: 12 June 6-8pm
Free Booking required
Group drawing session using a replica of Petrie’s drawing machine-contraption, an original tool that he used to imagine and piece together complete pots from fragments.

The Festival of Pots: a public open day at UCL to celebrate and explore the Petrie collection of ancient Egyptian clay vessels.
Where: Inside and outside the Petrie Museum, Malet Place, UCL.
When: Saturday 7 June, 12 – 4pm
We will be baking ancient Egyptian bread, beer and fermented foods in terracotta moulds and pots, smoke firing pots made by locals, and ceremonially smashing the giant pot! Other highlights include the Pot Orchestra and Egyptian Street Food.


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