Mums for Mum (GICB 2017)

My new work ‘Mums for Mum’ was exhibited in the Linvingware Gallery in Yeoju, Kyeonggi-do as a part of the exhibition with the GICB 2017.



Thematic Exhibition in Yeoju <Pray: Cherishing Life>

April 22 (Sat.) ~ May 28 (Sun.), 2017

Yeoju World Livingware Gallery

Thematic exhibition in Yeoju Pray: Cherishing Life shows two-hundred thirty urns by contemporary ceramic artists who suggest possibilities for future ceramic culture.

This exhibition intends to discover a narrative formative style that commemorates and symbolizes one’s life through urns, which naturally embody the concept of life-and-death.

Addressing ‘death,’ which was long a taboo subject, this exhibition intends to create a new concept of urns as our last and new resting place, through which we aim to extend the realm of ceramics.

사진 중 전시전경 사진은 한국도자재단에 저작권이 있습니다.

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