A Londoner’s Progress

6 porcelain & earthenware plates, silkscreen transfer drawings, 2009

The six different ceramic plates are a parody version of William Hogarth’s ‘A Raker’s Progress’. Each plate represents one sequence of story,‘A Londoner’s Progress’ which is my own interpretation. Also drawings onto these plates were copied and manipulated from existed original paintings like potters and engravers used to do since the 18th century.

The border decoration was inspired by the frame of painting in art museums and decorated individually. The figurine on top was based on ‘Olympia’ of Manet’a painting.

Titles and short story of the plates

1. Yummy Credit Crunches Once upon a time, there was this beautiful girl, Eve. Even though there was a severe recession for the country at that time she was not aware of this.

2. A Morning after Shopping at Selfridges She went shopping everyday to Bond Street and paid for it with her credit card and her boyfriend’s card.

3. Venus Party She also loved having party with her friends every other night and spent a lot of money on clubbing.

4. Project Runaway She finally got bankrupted and ran away with her boyfriend.

5. How to Thrive in a Recession The relationship between them did not go well and then she got married with a rich old man from Chelsea.

6. Death of Eve After her elderly husband died she could not manage to pay her debts. Sadly she suicided in her bath tub and died alone.

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