Since Eve Ate Apples Much Depends on Dinner


The 21st Satirical story figurine soup and a narrative roll

I am interested in creating narratives using contemporary satirical stories found in ceramics, whilst referring to European Figurines from the 18th and 19th centuries. Figurines that were were purposely used for striking a conversation among people during meal time.

Eve’s courtship & marriage with naughty nuts

I find the subject of ‘courtship’ intriguing, curiously so, the behaviour and attitude/actions of today’s society in intimate relationship, also the study of how couples meet and why they seem to break up so easily these days.
My images reflect upon marriage today, presenting Queen Eve, an ordinary lady living in London, and her personal life, then presenting her story on the plates and the centre pieces on the dinner table. The idea is that people can get involved in puzzling out the story or create a sequence during their meal.

A Hidden Flat-back story with traditional humour sauce

I am also fascinated by what is hidden “behind the scenes” of stories used in ceramic art. The idea of traditional English flat-back figurines and the undersides of plates are somewhere I can play around, and offer a little hidden surprise.

English ‘ceramic pattern book’ black tea

Drawn images are manipulated from patterns and images from ceramic industry pattern books and the colour concept of black and white comes from traditional etching qualities.