Choreography of Everyday Movement(Life)

The Choreography in Everyday Life

The Choreography in Everyday Life is on-going project that documents everyday life and movement through ceramic figurines.Sun Ae Kim began this project by taking Contemporary Dance classes at Siobhan Davies Studios, with a hope to experience dancing movement in her daily life. As porcelain figurines captured dancing movement and theatre scenes in the eighteenth century, Sun Ae intended to re-configure the everyday life in England through figurines. For the Unfold exhibition, Sun Ae was much inspired by the film, All This Can Happen by Siobhan Davies and David Hinton. The film was made entirely out of archive footage and images from a number of different archives across the world. From this, Sun Ae has explored narrative rhythms of everyday life. Dancing movement became everyday movement during the residency at Siobhan Davies Studios.

60|40 Starting point series: Manifold


Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Amy Hughes, Sun Ae Kim,

Hanne Enemark, Ellie Doney, Martha Todd, Hanne Mannheimer,

Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, Matthew Raw

5 September – 22 September 2013

Siobhan Davies Studios, London SE1
Siobhan Davies Dance has the pleasure to welcome back 60|40 for the fifth and final year of the Starting point series, the 60|40 collective mark a departure from previous years by extending their invitation to studio group Manifold, who took a residency approach to the invitation.  A new body of work responds to the architecture and activities of Siobhan Davies Studios and draws the Manifold residency to a close.

“Quote from Manifold.”

Manifold, 2013

Manifold’s approach embraces Siobhan Davies Dance’s ethos of working with artists: a two-way exchange of knowledge, a mutually beneficial relationship that is responsive and not prescriptive. Rather than making work which is exhibited straight away, Manifold are spending time in the building being influenced by the space, using this opportunity to examine their own practice deeply and how it fits into the wider context of the applied arts.



Manifold is a group of nine artists and designers who founded a studio in an east London railway arch in 2010.United by ongoing enquiry into material and process, their individual activities include sculpture, digital art, process-driven product design, drawing, research, teaching, and progressive approaches to age-old ways of making. Shared knowledge and the power of the group are the pillars of Manifold’s HQ. Guest artists and makers also join the studio from time to time, to take part in collaborative projects.


60|40 is a crafts collective which encourages new thinking in the applied arts and expands the environment for experimental applied arts. It is led by David Clarke, Clare Twomey and Tracey Rowledge.

Siobhan Davies Dance

We are the only contemporary dance organisation in the UK with an award-winning public building, and embrace our physical environment as part of our activities with an innovative programme specially curated for Siobhan Davies Studios. Founded and led by the pioneering choreographer Siobhan Davies, we reach over 100,000 people each year by presenting her work, commissioning talented artists and offering a thought provoking programme of events, exhibitions, talks and participatory activities investigating the connection between dance and other art forms. Read more and sign up to receive email bulletins on

Photography @ Joanne Underhill

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