London is one of the leading cities for fashion. Or is this the case for just one week of the year, during the London Fashion Week? When it comes to fashion in Korea, people are sensitive to what others think. I have lived in London for six years and nobody has ever commented about what the casual clothes I always wear. In Korea, an ordinary college girl would wear high-heel and full make-up everyday. A lot of my female Korean friends would not even go to the supermarket without make-up on. I now live in a city where no one judges me if I wear gym trousers and no make-up. In London, however, I have noticed that if you are in training or if you cycle, the Brits really gear up. I often see cyclists wear waterproof trousers, custom-specific tops, high knee socks, accessorised by sports water bottle, headgear and a backpack on rainy days. I get curious about the kind of things they carry in the bag. In Korea, people wear ragged sweatshirts to exercise or to cycle and do not tend to spend money on purchasing expensive sports gears. In the UK, people wear different clothes to cycle to work, then take a shower and get changed when they arrive. This really surprised me. Not a single company has a shower in the office in Korea.

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