Quotidian: Encounter of Everyday Life (series 1)

 Contemporary Narratives of Everyday Life through Ceramic Figurines Informed by English Precedents

This practice-led research investigates contemporary narratives of everyday life captured through ceramic figurines that are informed by English precedents.  Having evaluated the subject matters of figurines throughout English history in the three case studies, I found that they often were the image of everyday life, e.g. they portray people’s pastime and behaviours, and reflect social history. This led to the emergence of my research question: how did English ceramic figurines depict images of everyday life in history and how can contemporary everyday life be interpreted visually through ceramics?

My studio practice was based on stories from my own observation. They are collected from my experiences living in the UK from an outsider and encouner’s eye. This investigation bridges knowledge between historical aspects of figurine production and contemporary adoption in England. Through its practice, the creation of a ceramic figurine body of works is made for the twenty-first century.

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