Taiwan Everyday: The Yingge Pattern


This project is to visualise Taiwanese cultural experiences from my perspective during the residency time in Yingge from January to April 2019. I am interested in how ceramics are deeply engaged with people’s life in Taiwan and explore how the elements of everyday ceramic objects can be brought to the table with joy.

In result, I created a table set which is explored the everyday life in Taiwan, such as tiles, penetrating windows, colours of Dihua-jie(ingredients of medicine and food), a culture of eating out, and lunchbox. All are experienced by myself during my stay and would like to use my personal experience to the work to bring joy and uniqueness to the table.


DSC04442DSC04456DSC04457DSC04460Taiwan Everyday_Sun Ae Kim_Redclay, Porcelain_2019(2)Taiwan Everyday_Sun Ae Kim_Redclay, Porcelain_2019(3)