Hello Residency @ Yingge Ceramics Museum



來自韓國的 Sun Ae Kim 擅長用貼花技法,曾與世界各大知名品牌跨域合作設計餐具,駐村期間希望替臺灣小吃設計專屬容器,她的作品也將在「飲食物語─陶瓷器皿與文化的日常」展出!敬請期待

Sun Ae Kim from South Korea is good at using the decals technique, and has been working with the world’s big famous brands cross-domain to design cutlery, while in the village hope to design exclusive containers for Taiwan snacks, her works will also be in ” diet ─ Daily ” Display Of Ceramic Utensils & culture! Stay tuned ~

I want to have approx with her 👉 https://reurl.cc/Q4vV9
Her website 👉 https://sunaekim.com/




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